July 5, 2011

Stardust Shimmer

Its an interesting card... I wonder why people dont use it...

Open Stardust Shimmer

Remove 3 D.D. Scout Plane + Whatever Extra

Revive Black Rose.
Revive Stardust. Synchro Formula Synchron.
Revive Red Demons Dragon. Set Buster Mode.
Revive Scrap Dragon. Nuke self, revive moar.

End Turn, use D.D. Scout Planes to Exceed.


  1. it would function nicely to black rose nuke the field, then shimmer the materials used and revive black rose.
    a more than commom situation to a junk debris deck.

  2. Rauzes, I just noticed more of a reason to use J&D: Glow moss is skill!! With all the otk-based decks around, especially Dark World, Glow Moss can stop attacks. Now only if there's a way to make it certain that they'd draw a monster...

  3. Oh, another thing: here's a nice tech card for the J&D, it's your fav card! Gilfer is has turned the tides for me more than once and I'm sure it'll do for you too