June 29, 2011

Yugioh Decks Recently

Looking over most of the decks Ive made recently, I've noticed something...

Well actually two things.

First off, theyre strong. They're almost all copies of the top decks around with 1 or 2 changes... Or of each other.


They're getting boring.

Somehow I've lost the touch to make fun combo based decks for enjoyment of play recently.

Most of the decks I've been making havent been as fun based, and have rather been tournament play based.

Yugioh is a competitive hobby, broken down into two words:



(And for you bitching collectors out there, its a trading card game too... I guess.)

Since clearly everyone else in the world is an expert on the competitive bit, I'll spare you the lecture.

Yes, when going to tournaments, "Beating Six Samurai" "Shutting down Tengu" and "Winning in General" are important points that you have to consider.


But when youre just playing around, making decks that are fun?

Guess what: Those things DONT MATTER (much)

When building a fun deck or concept deck, whats important is:

Its consistent

Its fun to play

It wont die to everything and anything

And most importantly, It can put on a show.

Fun decks ought to be fun, and put effort into making it as fun as possible, no?

I've lost all track of where this post was going so yeah.



  1. Agreed.
    People are just tired of the six sams, GK, Tengu, degunity,agent and anti-meta "HUGE VARIETY" format in the TCG.

    competitive play never was my focus as i'm brazilian and my city, with well over 400,000 habitants, isn't big enough for tournaments...
    and when me and my friends go to the regionals, it's usually a bunch of sad people who's hobby is to try to put others down, or to pretend to be friendly while their friends rob your stuff or something... not the enviroment i enjoy in a game.

    So fun decks it's my place in yugioh. I love to see decks like the perfect declarer who ran toon aligator, or the randomizer control, and mainly, junk synchron mad decks!

    it's just sad to talk about the game to someone who is competitive to the extreme and have to tell them at least seven times that you don't care to six samurai or dragunities because you'll rarely see something like that in your town, or that the metagame in your town consists in average 3 good players, 2 or 3 kids with a lot of potential but no money, 3 or 4 kids with a lot of money but no potential, 5 or 6 thiefs who have no life, no potential and ripping off little kids is their fun, and 1 guy who has a intelignetly assembled fun deck that follows no strategy besides trowing down big monsters people are not prepared to face like D-end Dragoon, dark paladin, dogma, plasma, cyber twin, cyber end, drago equiste,...
    and there's me, running a deck of commons, with my most valuable card being maybe a dark hole...
    i used to play a lot, but then the game just stopped being fun and i sold my collection for really cheap. now i play with donated cards, really cheap bought cards, and some fun traded cards (like 16 commons for 4 fruits from a tree in the back of my house LOL)
    anyways, i agree with you and hope the next banlist SOMEWHAT make this game a little more fun.
    sorry i made this poor english HUGE comment, just started rambling, and i will stop at this so it doens't get any larger.

  2. Personally competitive decks are boring to build but fun decks are so challenging to build so that they can put on a show... My idea of fun decks is just building something that shouldn't work and making it work lol.

  3. rauzes, you are my favorite blogger. I like the fun decks, everyone likes a good show. yugioh is fun! and its important to remember that. =]

  4. this is where i run a dark gaia/ valkyrion build and watch people go since when was Valkyrion ever capable of being summoned.

  5. Hello, different Anon from above.

    I pretty much agree with the above comments. There's just something more fun about going with what won't top jumps, but is just so out of the box it's impressive.

    Yes, of course, I want to assemble a top tier deck and win big, but really a lot of the top tier decks are Herp Derp Swarm 8 min turn win; they play themselves, user not required to think much. This is a strategy game, I came here to think, not sack my way to mindless wins for minimal prizes.

    I personally believe it's a thing of give and take, either you have fun, or you win big, can't do both and trying will often cost you the other in the long run due to losing sight.

    Countless times I remind people this is a GAME, just a game, enjoy it. And then this happens and they complain to me and probably sell everything, only to return in 3 months and buy it all back.

    Well you realized it before hitting that point, so, now you can get back to what was most enjoyable to you hopefully, and provide us with the great articles/decks I read when you first appeared on the pojo scene ages ago.

  6. Rauzes, you just brought me back down to my roots. I played since 2003 and started to play competitively maybe the last few years. I tried to played more competitively because the kids at my locals wouldn't respect me because I never topped, so I try harder and now I'm back to square one.
    Today I got my shonen jump mag but no librarian, but I made my deck to use librarian. Now I was out of ideas for a deck....
    ...until I read your blog and it hit me,FUN, FUN, FUN, it's a kid's game.
    So thanks for the inspirations. Now I can go back to my pile of collections and start building my next yugioh deck consisting of "FUN" in the idea. I feel really really good knowing soneone like yourself think like I did back before I got caught up in this "competitive" mode.
    Thanks Rauzes, and I can't wait to see your next fun yugioh build.