June 15, 2011

Winning And Losing

1: When Winners make mistakes, they report "I made a mistake"
When losers make mistakes, they tend to say "It wasnt my fault"

2: The reason for winning is "I got lucky"
The reason for losing is "I wasnt lucky", regardless of what luck/draws you actually got

3: Winners work more on their tournament reports, and spend more time on them.(Hence learn more)
Losers just complain and write short reports

4: Winners can get straight to the problem in their play/deck
Losers tend to beat around the bush.

5: Winners are willing to be humble and outright admit they dont win all the time
Losers dont usually dont face their faults and make the same mistakes/wrong plays several times.

6: Winners tend to assess the areas needed to be assesssed, whilst losers tend to assess... completely unrelated areas.

7: Winners will be able to say "They can improve"
Losers... Less so.

8: People who win often will search out people better than them, in order to improve(And conversely allow people less than them to seek them out so they can improve)
People who lose often will search out people lower than them in order to prove they dont lose all the time.

9: Winners are proud of where they stay and put effort into every thing they do
Losers tend to say "they were given this"

10: Winners will always say "There is something better"
Losers will say "Is there really a need to change? Things just didnt go well this time"



  1. Lol Onlytheduel is a life advice bloo now

  2. So sick good words! I want to be a winner!

  3. @anon it always were.
    Rauzes is awesome, i wish he would post more :D
    I'm your fan for a good time now, Rauzes, and i really loved when you started blogging again.
    Please, don't stop again, i know a few good friends who also seek your posts daily, hoping you posted.
    I also like the other guys, principally soliel, but he is kind of 'tough truth, deal with it' and sometimes it feel unconfortable reading his great posts, but he is an awesome guy who need to post more often too :D
    greetings from Brazil o/

  4. #8 is by far the best point you made. Great post.

  5. I find it hard to disagree with any of these points, so I won't. If reworded just slightly, this can apply to life period, and I like that.

  6. I like this post, and I agree with #1, sometimes I feel that way if I lose and say, "Goddamit, I made a mistake." Other than that, great post.

  7. Lol if there's a like button like facebook

  8. I like this Rauzes very nice lol and so true I need to inform my nooblets about this. So they can understand that their actions are bad.