December 30, 2010

Black Fezaa

So I finally get around to making a supposedly decently strong Blackwings deck.

Unfortunately for me, the first 10 games with it were against Six Samurai...

Sirocco is quite the dead draw against Samurai, is it not?

Thats all for today.


December 28, 2010

Masked Heros in the Future

Just thinking...

That other than Vapor and Gouka, its rather impossible, barring a reprint of Mask Change, to have them ONLY be summonable by Mask Change(or other cards with "Treat as summoned by Mask Change)

Meaning they would have to be able to be summoned some other way from the Extra deck... and Mask Change is just a better way of bringing them out.

EG: Tribute 1 DARK Hero monster and pay 2000 life to special summon from extra deck. (This card cannot be special summoned except from the extra deck.)(Although the second part comes directly from being a Fusion monster without the ability to be fusion summoned)

This way Mask Change can still be used to summon this guy, yet without Mask Change its still usable.

Also I think in the 1st episode of Zexal, the opponent will summon a precisely 3000 attack monster and almost kill Yuma with it.

Thats all for today.


December 27, 2010


Today I joined a few of my friends and attended a team tournament @ Akiba.

Because our leader was invited to the tournament, we did not have to pay any entry fee

Funny story is that some of their team members did enter the tournament and had already paid... which is why we scrambled to form another 3 person team.

However, should our team manage to top 4 (out of 16!), we would be forced to pay the entry fee or forefeit the top prizes. Which kinda would defeat the purpose of attending THIS tournament instead of the few others we could attend also going on today.

Also because unless you win 1st place, which we wanted the OTHER 3 man group from the team to get, you're looking at a net loss...

The solution? Build a fun deck and scrub on purpose!

Actually we wanted to do this so we could cut out of the tourney early and trade/etc.

Anyhows, all 3 of us ran the same deck today:
Masked Syncro Control Beat


1 Cyber Dragon/サイバー・ドラゴン
1 Elemental Hero Stratos/E・HERO エアーマン
2 Elemental Hero Ocean/E・HERO オーシャン
2 Elemental Hero Heat/E・HERO ザ・ヒート
3 Elemental Hero Neos Alius/E・HERO アナザー・ネオス
2 Snowman Eater/スノーマンイーター
1 Effect Veiler/エフェクト・ヴェーラー
2 Deep Sea Diva/深海のディーヴァ
1 Sea Archer/シー・アーチャー
1 Honest/オネスト

2 Mask Change/マスク・チェンジ
3 Book of Moon/月の書
2 Gemini Spark/デュアル・スパーク
2 Miracle Fusion/ミラクル・フューション
1 Hero Arrive/ヒーロー・アライブ
2 E - Emergency Call/E-エマージェンシーコール
1 Dark Hole/ブラック・ホール
1 Monster Reborn/死者蘇生
1 Instant Fusion/簡易融合
2 Mystical Space Typhoon/サイクロン

1 Call of the Haunted/リビングデッドの呼び声
1 Solemn Judgement/神の宣告
1 Mirror Force/聖なるバリアーミラーフォースー
1 Torrential Tribute/激流葬
1 Hero Blast/ヒーロー・ブラスト
2 BOttomless Trap Hole/奈落の落とし穴
1 Dimension Prison/次元幽閉

2 Masked Hero Vapor/M・HERO ヴェイパー
2 Masked Hero Gouka/M・HERO 剛火
2 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero/E・HERO アブソリュートZero
1 Elemental Hero The Shining/E・HERO The シャイニング
1 Elemental Hero Great Tornado/E・HERO Great TORNADO
1 Elemental Hero Mariner/E・HERO セイラーマン
1 Trishuala Dragon of the Ice Boundary/氷結界の龍 トリシューラ
1 Brionac Dragon of the Ice Boundary/氷結界の龍 ブリューナク
1 Goyou Gaurdian/ゴヨウ・ガーディアン
1 Tech Genius Hyper Librarian/TG ハイパー・ライブラリアン
1 Stardust Dragon/スターダスト・ドラゴン
1 Black Rose Dragon/ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン

Just to clarify we actually DIDN'T get bottom 8 O.O(Because they could fight it out for a consolation prize)

Our swiss score(team) was 3 Wins 2 Loss.

Give the deck a shot! Its super fun.

Thats all for today.


Super Quick post


December 26, 2010

Opening Hands #2

Dark Grepher, Destiny Hero Plasma, Destiny Hero Malicious, Deep Sea Diva, Elemental Hero Stratos, Miracle Fusion.


Thats all for today.


December 25, 2010

Opening Hands

Against Six Samurai

Summon Raiou, Hold Honest, Set Skill Drain, Book of Moon, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Call of the Haunted.

I dont feel like I can lose.

Activate Giant Trunade.


So much for going to top 2...

Thats all for today.



I got a medium sized wrapped box from a friend!

After opening, it contained...

One Junk Forward
Two Junk Archer
Three Junk Collector
Four Junk Defender
Five Junk Destroyer
Six Junk Attack
Seven Junk Box
Eight Junk Blader
Nine Junk Warrior
Ten Junk Synchron.

The box was nice though.

tl;dr: SOMEBODY thinks their funny.

Thats all for today.


December 24, 2010

Lots of things today!

First and foremost: Non YGO related but
I realized that Sieg Sol Freed is the a Sun dragon.
Funny that my ace card/card that I am sadly completely and horribly dependant on is also named after the sun.

Some Yugioh.

Today I joined an 8 person tourney for fun.
The prize pool was "horrible cards you wanted to get rid of"
EBI Whale, Scar Warrior, Dark Nephtys, Gaia Drake, Machinle Infinity, and someone put a 100 yen coin.
The other prizes were worse.
The #1 most wanted prize was: The 100 yen coin.

Another thought for today...
Hero Arrive... half your life points seems steep and thats why nobody is trying it, but


Everyone who doesnt think its good should read the words "Special Summon From Your Deck".

It special summons things from the deck that leads straight to Stratos plays to destroy spells and traps
Not to mention it goes straight into Fusion Gate.

I re-made my Destiny Diva deck... with some new and updated changes for the sole purpose of summoning more TG - Hyper Librarian.
Said changes include dropping Dark Hole, and adding a 2nd Sea Archer.

And apparently, with 2 TG - Hyper Librarian,

In one turn, I moved through over 20 cards.
Given some of those were D - Draw and Allure, but still.
Moving through over half your deck... In one turn, is insane.

Also it makes not being able to summon Dark Armed due to full card zones so much more annoying.
"End Phase discard. 2 Deep Sea Diva, 1 Dark Armed Dragon, 1 Miracle Fusion, 1 Dark Hole..."
Opponent :O

And finally one very last very important thing.

There are very few ways nowadays to re-use spells...

This cat is not a beast, by the way.

First thing that pops into mind would be "Level 2... Junk Synchron?"




Thats all for today.


December 23, 2010

Masked Change

With Instant Fusion?

Because Instant Fusion can pull out Mariner, use it with Masked Change and Vapor to help set up Synchros and/or put on the aggro.

Thats all for today.


December 22, 2010

Doppler Draw

Normal Summon Junk Synchron, special summon Grow Up Bulb/Spore

Special Summon Dopple Warrior

Synchro for TG Hyper Librarian with Junk and Dopple.

Spawn 2 Tokens.

Use level 1 tuner to make Formula Synchron. Draw 2.

(Use Spore. Special Summon Level 4 Spore.
Special summon another Librarian. Draw 1
Synchro with Formula for Arcanite. Draw 1
Destroy 2.)

Thats all for today.


Chaos Pot... Against Samurai?

Against Samurai.

Set it, and let it get hit.

Especially usable in Debris Dandy, it sends back all the opponents monsters while getting through Shien.

Then all thats left to do is summon black rose in peace.

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

December 20, 2010

Lonefire + Monster Reborn

Summon Lonefire. Tribute itself. Summon another. Tribute itself. Summon Dandy
Monster Reborn Lonefire.
Tribute Dandy for Grow Up Bulb. Make 2 Tokens
Synchro for Hyper Librarian
Grow Up bulb. Mill one.
Synchro for Formula Synchron

Even if you avarice the monsters back, you still have 6 hand and the materials to make an Arcanite Magician.
Which also give you the stuff to make a Chaos Sorcerer.

Thats all for today.

December 19, 2010

Rauzes goes to Jump Festa and GWCS!

To get ahead in the line, and so we wouldn't have to wait 6+ Hours for Premium Pack 13s, I joined the Yugioh club from a University, which was hosting their own tournament.

The tournament started at 11PM and ended at 4AM.

5th Annual Gruez Waseda Championship! (GWCS)

The Prize Pool:
1st Place: 1 Box of Hidden Arsenal 1, 1 Box of Hidden Arsenal 2, Pre-Searched packs: 1X LODT, 1X TREV. (Not mentioned: 3 Warrior of Mist Valley 1st Edition.)
2nd Place: 1 Kizan, 1 1st Edition Ultra Solemn Warning, 1 Natural Palkion, 1 Krystia, 1 Elemental Hero Gaia(DT Normal Rare), A fat stack of pre-searched Packs
3rd Place: 1 Five God Dragon, 1 Super Polymerization, 1 Krystia, 1 The Tricky(DT Normal rare), more pre-searched Packs
4th Place, 5th Place: Some pre-searched Packs
6th Place: Limited edition Chopper Keychain, 10 Tournament Packs
7th through 9th Place: Limited Edition Chopper drink Glasses.

(Actually the Chopper Drink Glasses are worth around 1500 yen e/a, so they worst prizes are actually 4th and 5th place.)

Also a rather random picture of Chopper.

1st: Six Samurai
2nd: BF
3rd: Debris
4th: BF
5th: Six Samurai
6h, 7th, 8th, 9th: Hero Beat, Hero Beat, Gladiator Beast, Six Samurai

I was actually also invited to another tournament at the same time, but already promised to join this one. I met the guys from the other tournament in the line on Saturday, though.

Their results were:
1st: Six Samurai
2nd: Debris
3rd: Debris
4th: Debris.
6 people in their tournament.

I believe all(or all but one) of them were from Tokyo Business Technology University... Or however that translates to in English.

Around 430AM we left and headed for the event location.

Although we were quite far behind in the line, we were in the 18th batch of about 75-100 people per batch.
Which is, as one of the people I was with put it, VERY good for someone who spent the night with a roof over their heads and had food with them, as opposed to spending the night in the freezing cold without food(or toilet!)

But also because we let 20ish people go ahead of us. We were waiting for the other group of friends I mentioned just now.

After waiting in line for about 1 hour(Playing MH), we moved inside, where we were put in more groups(which is where I found out which batch we were in)

On the way back there were too many people taking pictures of this...

Yeah... Lots of people

A closeup of what people do in line: Stay warm. Play Yugioh, Play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, make trades, play more Monster Hunter.
Not pictured: Sleep

Actually in line we were playing some MH. All 32 Guild Halls were FULL, so we had to change channel to find a hall to use O.O

But my Berio S armor is still better than most peoples we saw :3

Waiting in line.
Decks used during Jump festa, from left to right:
GB, Six Sam, BF, Six Sam(Purple Hat), Debris, Six Sam.

The "official guide book"

After waiting in line until about 8AM, they let us in!

Its so much easier waiting with friends, because you can just spend the time chatting/opening the 2 boxes of Hidden Arsenal.

There was a guy our age sitting near us who was alone, so we talked to him and made new friends.


We headed over to the Yugioh section.

For the 1V1 section, Every time you lose, you have to leave, and you get 1 free Jump Festa pack.
If you win, you stay on.

If you get 3 wins IN A ROW, you leave as well, and receive 5 Jump Festa packs.

The tournament entry card
Waiting in line is a thousand times better with friends.

And the win/loss stamp is a SCAPEGOAT!

I felt this deserved mentioning...
For Duel Terminal(nothing special with it as well), just to play
There was a 75 Minute wait.

After all of us came out(some of us with 3 wins, some with just 1 loss, etc), we waited for the other club members that didnt join the earlier tournament, and we decided to go for the team tournament.

The main reason was the wait was 30 minutes to get in, as opposed to 2 hours for the single, but also because we were meeting up with some other club members who did not join us for the all night tournament.

A few more club members from the Tokyo Buisness Technology University also met up with us.

In the team tournament, each player plays a duel. Out of the 3 players, the team who got 2 wins gets a team win.

2 team wins in a row means the team leaves, with 3 packs per person.

We actually had, between the two clubs + 1 Extra random, about 21 people, all going for the team tournament, so 7 teams.

We also mixed up members of the clubs so people would make new friends, and to make sure that the teams were balanced and strong(most of the members agreed to pool the winning packs, then distribute so everyone had an equal number)

That being said I knew both the people I teamed up with from Konami Card Game Center free match sessions, both from the Business Tech school.

My teammates were Debris Control(3 weeks+ straight 10+ Win streak/Japan Top 8 guy at Konami CGC), and Hero Beat(also a regular at Konami CGC with a lot of wins(not too sure whether he gets 10+ win streaks often, but still.))

So our team was Debris Beat on the left, Hero Beat(me) in the middle, and Hero Beat on the right.

Actually, according to the free match rules and the rules for that day, teams/people were NOT allowed to duel: 1) Their friends, and 2) People they had already dueled that day.

So when the 21 of us lined up together, there were 7 teams in a row, none of which were allowed to play against each other, which caused a LOT of problems for the staff(and space) when there were 3 tables that opened up(the winning team got 2 wins in a row).

Another interesting use of this is when the opponents-to-be recognized us from Konami CGC.
They were like "Judge, we've played these people just now", just to get out of playing us.

Guess they didn't like the idea of playing against a team consisting of THE people who notoriously go 10ish wins in a row every Thursday.

As for the people who DID play against us, we won all of our team games. We as a team went 8 wins in a row. I believe my personal record was 6-2. My teammates went 7-1. Both of them.

At around 3 I had to head off, so to honor our deal about having everyone have equal winnings of packs, I passed 2 to my friends, and headed off. My total winnings was actually 17 packs, but I ended up with 15 only.

The others, who stayed until the end of the day(another 3 hours), left with 18 each.
1:1 Models of Jinouga armor, Donguri armor, and Rathalos Armor.

Thats all for today.


December 16, 2010

Swords of Revealing Light

Stops attacks for 3 turns,

yet without Heavy Storm, wasting your precious Cyclones on it most of the time is a bad mistake...

Just thinking its quite good this format.

Thats all for today.


December 13, 2010

Guilty OG Playtesting...



Without 2 foolish burials I found it much harder to pull off the monster snatching.

Or maybe that theres nothing WORTH stealing on the field.

And even if there was, theres nothing worth stealing it FOR.

Maybe running only 4 monarchs has to do something with it. I dropped the 5th because I kept drawing them together...

Thats all for today.


New Yugioh Anime and the reactions

So people dont really like what the new Yugioh Series is giving us...

And/or didnt like the premise.

I dont see much problem.

Not that I watch the anime, but still.

Remember before 5Ds started?

"Yugioh and Motorbikes Dont Mix"?

Thats all for today.


December 11, 2010

1 Match Strategy

Today I encountered a very VERY interesting strategy.

In tournaments, most people focus on winning 2 games, outright.

However, the better way to look at the tournament scene is that you need one MATCH win, not two GAME wins, and think in matches.

On the first game, instead of fighting back, the player used very little cards.

The strategy, it seemed, was to extend the game as much as possible, whilst not showing the opponent his/her cards.

In fact, all game ones only saw plays of generic cards such as Book of Moon, Torrential, Gorz, and Mirror force.
And I think one Warning somewhere along the line.

Pretending to be a weak player also helped... until he beat the one of the store's top regulars...

The end result was a loss for game one(Ahem: ALL but one match).
In fact, I believe the player sometimes threw the first game for this strategy...


At the end of game one was that the player using this strategy knew EXACTLY what he/she was up against, some if not all of the tech, being able to choose who starts first the next game, a giant information advantage, leading to the best possible side change.

Whilst the opponent... cant really side change anything without risking the 2nd and 3rd game.

Meaning that, as a result, you win Game 2.

All thats left is that you win Game 3. And you STILL have a chunk of information advantage above the opponent.

The actual deck he used as BF, but the same strategy can be applied to most other decks.

He was 2nd place today.

Thats all for today.


December 10, 2010

Lost Sanctuary Ver 2.

3 Master Hyperion
2 Archangel Christia
2 Agent of Wonder - Jupiter
3 Agent Of Mystery Earth
3 Agent of Creation - Venus
2 Mystical Shine Ball
3 Zeradias, Envoy of Heaven

1 Monster Reborn
1 Black Hole
2 Horse Bone Value
2 Symbols of Duty
3 Sanctuary of the Sky
3 Treasure of Heaven
2 Cyclone

1 Solemn Judgement
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
3 Divine Punishment

Thats all for today.


December 9, 2010


With the release of Hero Arrive, Masked Change, etc, this seems much easier to shout out while playing Heroes.

Personally I dont really find Masked Change all that amazing...

Youre spending two cards to summon one card. Even if you chain to something that messes you up, youre only breaking even...

I see it in a similar light to Swallows Nest... Only here, options are super limited.

Oh and sending to graveyard isnt a cost. Its an effect. Chain book of Moon and youre losing cards super fast.

On the topic of SASSOU TOUJOU!!, somebody today at the free battle was saying this EVERY TIME He summoned Neos.

In a Neos Beat deck.

He shut up midway though.

I used GBs today. 3 wins -> 1 Win -> Loss/Drop.

GBs take forever to win... I only got 6 games in.

G-Ray was running around with 16 straight wins >.> WTF

Thats all for today.


December 7, 2010

Plants Vs. Zombies

1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1 Mezuki
2 Lonefire Blossom
2 Lightsworn Puppy Ryko
3 Debris Dragon
2 Dandylion
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
2 Zombie Master
1 Spore
1 Grow Up Bulb
3 Goblin Zombie
1 Sangan

1 Cold Wave
1 Mind Control
3 Book of Life
1 Monster Reborn
2 Gold Sarcophagus
1 Burial From a Different Dimension
1 Dark Hole
1 Giant Trunade
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Foolish Burial

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Raigeki Break
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Torrential Tribute

Thats all for today.


December 3, 2010


Yeah I caught your attention with that title didnt I?

The only Sin Dragon monster that can be used in synchros is Red Eyes, the only saving point.

So why not use this to your advantage?

Grow Up Bulb pops into mind, because its a level 1 tuner that can be used twice.

Though, milling off Red Eyes/Sin Red Eyes sometimes is quite sad.

The other tuner present in the deck is Effect Veiler.
Other than being all round good, this choice of tuner was chosen because it can be used with or without Red Eyes around to be synchro food.

The other tuner that I considered, but did not make it to the final cut was Recycle Genex.
Why can be summed up in about 3 words: Real. Genex. Kurokishian.
Together with Blue Eyes or Stardust, this guy makes Kurokishian.

Logically, the two level 1 tuner slots could be any two of these above three(or 2 Effect Veiler. Or 2 Recycle Genex.)
In full honesty, I would run 1 Veiler and 1 Genex. I just dont have the Kurokishian. T.T

Sin of Synchro/41

1 Sin Truth Dragon
3 Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon
3 Blue Eyes White Dragon
3 Sin Stardust Dragon
2 Sin Red Eyes Black Dragon
3 Red Eyes Black Dragon
2 Exiled Force
2 Machine Emperor Wizel Infinty
1 Effect Veiler
1 Grow Up Bulb

2 Mausoleum of the Emperor
1 Necrovalley
1 Future Visions
1 Mystical Plasma Zone
1 Terraforming
1 Demise of the Land
1 Monster Reborn
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Trade In
2 Book of Moon
3 Advanced Draw
1 Allure of Darkness

3 Royal Decree


As already explained above, using of the Sin Dragons to acquire instant synchro fodder(or use Mausoleum to normal summon a blue eyes or something, and synchro up.

If you dont have a tuner on hand, which you wont, you can always use the Sin Dragons to attack. Sin Blue Eyes at 3000ATK is a force to be reckoned with.

Whilst Exiled force COULD be Smashing Ground/Fissure, this deck doesnt really have a problem with not normal summoning, the prospect of targeting to destroy is simply better.

SHOULD Your field spell go down(OH no!), be ready to drop a Wizel. The self destruction of the Sin dragons is a valid trigger to summon Wizel.

Use this to your advantage as well: summon a Sin Dragon with no field spell! The opponent will be confused for a bit. Then have his stardust devoured by Wizel.

Also do keep in mind your draw power. Advanced Draw with Sin Dragons is VERY sweet.
ESPECIALLY with Red Eyes.

Thats all for today.


December 2, 2010

Debris Dragon Control

In today's free match session, it was one of the three decks that went without loss(I think 14 wins in a row? I dont remember)

I thought it was rather interesting. Heres what I remember:

3 Debris, 2 Dandylion to make the core engine
Grow up bulb, Spore, Lonefire for search
3 Evil Thorns and 2 or 1 Super Solar Nutrients
3 Rykos for some good old fashioned destruction
I remember seeing a lot of Limit Reverse as well.
Card Trooper for obvious reasons
2 Gold Sarcophagus, mainly to search out the 3 pot of avarice.

suprising lack of mark of rose, as well as Tytanial.
Whilst no Trap Stun is used, a 2 dust tornado. Also 1 Cold Wave.

Yeah. Thats as well as I can remember.

Also it was played by one of Japan's top 8's. Thats probally why everyone was complaining it was too strong.

Thats all for today.