January 31, 2010

LE17 Concepts: Part 1

The Tyrant Neptune:

Summon Dark Creator, Revive any random high ATK Dark Monster. Tribute Dark Creator for the Tyrant. Use Tyrants effect. Copy Dark Creator. Revive said copied Dark Creator. Use revived Dark Creator to revive yet another high attack DARK monster. Swing for Game... Hopefully.

Which is great, only A: Loading up the graveyard with DARK monsters with High ATK is a bit tricky, whilst powering draws to help is a bit tricky.

Or IS it?

Dark Grepher, and Sin Blue Eyes say hi.

In the case of Sin Blue Eyes, you can use it for not only a 3000 Beatstick in the said combo, because its a semi-nomi, but you can also feed it to Advanced Draw, alongside the Tyrant Neptune.

Trade In, Allure, also say hi.

Other concepts:

Fortune Ladies Mix.

Because The Tyrant Neptune is level 10, by tributing something like Fortune Lady Darky, you suddenly have a 4000 ATK/DEF Beatstick... That summons Darky Back.

Combine with the fact that Fortune Ladies are easy to field, and you have a deck good to go.

Keep in mind that the Fortune Ladies ATK and DEF changing overrides the gaining of ATK and DEF from tributing monsters, so tribute only 1 Monster.

So the other things are good to go. What about tutoring the big guy himself?


Finally, it gives potential to another level 10 that some people REALLY want to use.

Saviour Star Dragon.

Whilst it does retain the effect negating - field nuking abilities, it doesnt gain the effect to run back to the extra deck.

This is because The Tyrant Neptune, being an effect monster and not a Synchro or Fusion monster, cannot return to the EXTRA deck, and summon Stardust Dragon, resulting in the effect fizzling, and you keeping your 3800+ Beatstick which negates monsters.

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon.

Didnt think this guy would be here? Think Again.

If you tribute Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon and Green Gadget, your Tyrant(taking the Dragon's effect), gains Cold Wave-ing AND Peircing.

Thats all for Today.

I look forwards to seeing an increase in The Tyrant Neptune play.

G-Ray Out.

January 30, 2010

Black Garden Lock

Utilize Black Garden with Rivalry of the Warlords or Gozen Match.

Assuming you dont use plants yourself, this prevents your field from being clogged up by tokens.

And the token on your enemys field locks them from summoning much else.

Thats all for today


January 29, 2010

Combating the Infernity Format

So we all know Infernity can do its endless loop and everything, but how do you end it?

What card can Konami release to stop such abuse?

The card is, in fact, already out.

Compulsary Evacuation Device might not seem like much, but if you notice, it stops Infernities from getting their effects by making the opponent's hand 1, instead of 0.

Thats all for today.


January 28, 2010

Sin Turbo

Sin monsters are all easy to special summon.

However, because of that, they tend to have many demerits, such as relying on the field card, being the only monster that can attack, etc.

But what people dont realize is that the rest of the card can be taken advantage of.

Being level 8 for the most part, and DARK, wouldnt it make sense to use Sin monsters to use Allure, Trade In, and Advanced Draw?

That alone allows you to put in 8 Draw 2 cards.

However, for a deck to do this, it must not rely on the extra deck for fighting power.

So, decks such as Junk and Debris(not that they dont have enough searching and drawing going on already), cannot use this.

Just an idea to throw out there.

Thats all.


January 27, 2010

Ways to summon level 7s Easily

Chain Repairer + Chain Coil: With the added benefit of being able to special summon out Natural Landols

Dark Salvo + Dekoichi/Ally Genex Durdark: Better than the above because Dekoichi and Durdark aren't absolutely useless.

Debris Dragon + Any Level 3(Water especially): The "best" because being able to spawn Fluff tokens via Dandylion. "Bad" because it can only summon Black Rose Dragon(And nuke the field), or Ancient Fairy Dragon(and nuke THE field).

Deformer Scopen + Remocon: Similarly to the other ways, this combo doesnt lose any advantage while synchro summoning. However, you need to trigger off Remocons effect to regain said advantage.

January 26, 2010

Magoushin Kudabe & Unicor in Infernity...

Infernities work very well with zero hand.

Not to mention they can pull off countless OTKs, but this isnt a post about that.

If Infernities discard from their hand as their main way of getting 0 Hand, why not mix in Magoushin, who get their effects from being discarded.

Not too many, of course.

Kushano is on that comes to mind.

With Dark Bug, Infernities can summon out Kudabe, who also gets an effect with 0 Hand, and Unicor, who with zero hand, more or less gives you game in the mirror match.

Maybe something to consider siding in.

Thats all for today.


January 25, 2010

Elemental Hero Neos Knight

Neos Alius + Supervis + Big Neos.

January 24, 2010

Kodaros Beat

Kodaros Beat

Monsters: 16
2 Mother Grizzly
3 Kodaros
2 Elemental Hero Ocean
1 Elemental Hero Stratos
3 Elemental Hero Neos Alius
1 Treeborn Frog
3 Warrior of Atlantis
1 Dragon Ice

Spells: 14
3 A Legendary Ocean
3 Gemini Spark
2 Moray of Greed
2 Miracle Fusion
1 Salvage
1 Reinforcements of the Army
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade

Traps: 8
3 Forgotten Underwater Temple
3 Hero Blast
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force

As the name suggests, this deck revolves around using Kodaros's ability to turn A Legendary Ocean or the Forgoteen Water Temple into a +1.

In conjunction with Alius's Gemini Spark and Hero Blast combination, all of which become +1s or +2s when chaining to cards, this deck generates considerable advantage.

Future Fusion is used to send Dragon Ice or Elemental Hero Ocean to the graveyard, but can also be used to send Kodaros or Alius to the graveyard to Salvage.

Another way to salvage monsters is by recruiting Ocean by Mother Grizzly.

Kodaros might seem fragile on the returning turn, but with Hidden Underwater Temple, you can turn it around by using Kodaros's effect to send to the graveyard two cards.

Warrior of Atlantis is used as a 1900 Attacker, with the added bonus of searching out A Legendary Ocean when you need it to.

Thats all for today.


January 23, 2010

Elemental Hero Ocean: Advantage Engine Food

Elemental Hero Ocean, whilst having a great effect, actually works very well as advantage engine food.

Being an Elemental Hero alone gives it not only many tutoring cards, including the already advantage generating Stratos, but allows it to be used in many fusions.

WATER and an E. HERO allows him to be used as either component for Elemental Hero Absolute Zero.

Via Terra Firma, he can be sent to the graveyard by Prisma, which then lets you use some advantage gaining cards, such as Salvage, to bring him back.

Being WATER, simply feeding him to Moray of Greed to get a few draws might not be bad at all, since, by himeself, Ocean cannot usually protect himself.

His own effect, especially when salvaging Stratos, allows for considerable advantage gain.

But another card not usually seen in play is Fusion Recovery, which gives you another +1, while salvaging Ocean and a Polymerization, and hopefully followed by a Moray of Greed.

Thats all for today.

Coming soon: Kodaros Beat


January 22, 2010

New Age Twilight Beat

Twilight Beatdown, the deck that worked so well against Zombie Synchro, earlier this format.

However, since the release of Charge of the Light Brigade in the OCG, it fell from glory, instead reverting back to Light beatdown variants.

Also, since this time, Dimensional Eatos has risen due to the release of Starlight Road, essentially rendering Icarus Attack a bad card choice, as it merely allows the opponent another chance to open Starlight Road, instead of breaking two cards.

Also, Dual Spark, Super Polymerization into Shining or The Great Tornado, all used by several decks for and against Dimensional Eatos, has put people using E. Heroes or Geminis at risk by simply playing Alius or Crusader of Endymion at whim.

To bring Twilight Beat up to date and to be used in the modern meta of Lightsworn and Dimensional Eatos (as well as Machiners but who cant beat that)

The decklist looks something like this:

Twilight Beat - Ver. 2 -

Monsters: 20
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2 Chaos Sorcerer
3 Blackwing - Shura the Azure Flame
3 Blackwing - Kalut of Moonshadow
1 Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane
1 Sangan
1 Cyber Dragon
3 Raiou
2 Paladin of Cursed Dragon
3 Honest

Spells: 12
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Smashing Ground
3 Book of Moon
2 Prohibition
2 Enemy Controller

Traps: 8
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
3 Icarus Attack

2 Threatening Roar
2 Dust Tornado
3 Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
3 Light Imprisoning Mirror
3 Mirror of Oaths
2 Lightning Vortex

Some Card Choices:

Lack of Dark Armed Dragon and Blizzard:

Because I have opted for a Pot of Avarice, in order to gain a stronger late game, as well as overall more monsters, Blizzard becomes a little obselete, in favor of another possible Honest.

However, with Blizzard, DAD must also go, because you sacrifice a lot of graveyard control by taking out Blizzard, leading to more situations where DAD is dead, but Avarice is not.

Paladin of the Cursed Dragon was origionally meant to just steal Mezuki, but recently, due to less people using Zombies, NOT using Crusader of Endymion and Alius becomes more important that what Paladin does. Thus, its just here as a 1900 LIGHT beatstick.

The biggest strength against Dimensional Eatos is the two Prohibitions.

Whilst not looking like much, Prohibiting Starlight Road gives much more advantage than you might think.

Dimensional Eatos must hide behind its big monsters and backrow, both of which are protected by Starlight Road.

When the Road is prohibited, all your Icarus Attacks become very powerful cards, taking out dimension parts and their monsters.

Enemy Controller is primarily used as a 4th and 5th copy of Book of Moon, since many monsters nowadays have low DEF points, especially in top meta decks.

Thats all for today.


January 21, 2010

Duel Puzzle #1

Life: 3200
Field: Nothing
Hand: King of the Swamp, De-Fusion, Reinforcement of the Army, E-Emergency Call, Book of Moon.
Graveyard: Mystical Space Typhoon, Polymerization, Elemental Hero Ocean, Elemental Hero Forestman, Giant Trunade, Elemental Hero Terra Firma, Emergency Call
RFP: None
Deck: 29

Life: 3700
Field: Facedown Dimension Prison, Facedown Starlight Road, Face up ATK Gladiator Beast Darius, Face up ATK Gladiator Beast Murmillo
Hand: Battle Fader, Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Gladiators Training Grounds, Mirror Force.
Graveyard: Gladiator Beast Chariot, Gladiator Training Grounds, Waboku, Shrink, Shrink, Gladiator Beast Respite
Deck: 28

It is currently the standby phase of your turn.
Reduce your opponent to 0LP this turn.
Your deck may contain any card as legal under the September 2009 banlist.(Your running E.HEROs if you havent realized yet)

The solution accounts for all possible timings of Dimension Prison.

Ready? Go!

January 20, 2010

Asmodeus Return

Today, we shall be re-visiting a relatively old card, Fallen Angel Asmodeus.

Asmodeus boasts not only 3000ATK, but also the ability to spawn two tokens that total up to his ATK and DEF, one with immunity to battle, and the other immunity to destruction.

Not only that, but Asmodeus can also send a fairy from the deck to the graveyard,

The big problem with Asmodeus is that it cannot be special summoned the way most people do, from the graveyard, or the deck.

The only cards that allow special summoning from the hand in Asmodeus's case are Valhalla or similar cards.

But, what people dont realize is that being DARK and a FAIRY, Asmodeus can pull upon three different Return cards, Miraculous Descent, Escape from the Dark Dimension, and Different Dimensional Revival.

This deck is a deck built for not DARK Fairies, which focus on special summoning from the graveyard, but instead for Asmodeus, and making it easy to special summon from the removed from play.

I bring to you:

Asmodeus Return

2 The Dark Creator
3 Fallen Angel Asmodeus
2 Chaos Sorcerer
3 Dimensional Alchemist
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
2 Archlord Christia
1 The Splendid Venus
3 Dark Nephtys

3 D.D.R. Different Dimension Revival
2 Allure of Darkness
3 Trade In
2 Gold Sarcophagus
1 Giant Trunade
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm

2 Miraculous Descent
2 Escape from the Dark Dimension
1 Return from the Different Dimension
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Starlight Road


Asmodeus Return depends on Miraculous Descent and Escape from the Dark Dimension to special summon Asmodeus to field, and use him as a beatstick.

Because of the heavy backrow dependance, three starlight roads were included.

It is possible to replace these with Solemn Judgement or Dark Bribe, if you want.

Asmodeus Return needs Asmodeus to be removed from play in the first place to work.

To remove Asmodeus from game, Allure of Darkness and Gold Sarcophagus are used, but Gold Sarcophagus will probally be used for other cards most of the time.

The other option to remove it from play is to remove it from play from the graveyard.

To do this, Chaos Sorcerer, the Dark Creator, and Dark Nephtys are used.

Asmodeus also allows you to send a Fairy from the deck to the graveyard, so most of the time you want to send another Asmodeus, or something you want to search out if you have Christia.

Also to be noted is that beacuse you run so many high ATK fairies, return from the different Dimension should be enough to ensure you game.

Using Dark Nephtys as a backrow remover with Return from the Dark Dimension is also quite fun.

To capitalize off of the secondary token creating effect of Asmodeus, classic Dimension cards are not included.

Thats all for today.


January 19, 2010

Royal Oppression - The random cards it can negate

Royal Oppression: Pay 800 LP and stop a special summon or a card that involves special summoning.

Most people know what it can negate: Monster Reborn, DAD, JD, etc.

And what it cannot negate(in the long run): Vayu, Treeborn Frog, recruiters, etc.

You know, the important cards.

But what about unimportant cards? Cards included in the deck to achieve something else?

You might want to take these cards into account before using Oppression.

Macro Cosmos: It does say it special summons Helios right?

Forgotten Water Temple: Although its effect is more or less ignored by most people, it does include a special summoning clause, so it can be negated.

Starlight Road:

Opponent: Your trying to storm my Oppression and two other face downs? I STARLIGHT ROAD!

Me: Ok. I pay 800.

Take note that Oppression can be used by your opponent. While most decklists get around this by not special summoning at all, some minor cards that are teched sometimes get messed up by this.

Thats all for today.


January 18, 2010

Random Tech - Pole Position

Today's Random Tech will be Pole Position

Pole Position has two parts: A protection effect, and a removal effect.

Both of which can be used to your advantage.

By giving the monster with the highest ATK on the field immunity from Spells, you not only protect from Super Polymerization in Dimension Eatos, but also cards more often used in battle, such as Book of Moon or Enemy Controller or even Shrink.

Opening in response to the card that was supposed to turn the game around can be quite interesting.

The other effect is a removal effect.

A good player will be able to use this to his or her advantage, by opening pole position in response to Heavy Storm or Giant Trunade or even Judgement Dragoon.

While it doesnt negate the destruction of the rest of your field, it does drag along with it Judgement Dragoon.

Thats all for today.


January 17, 2010

Crush Card Virus - Can it solve the Dimensional Eatos Problem?

Dimensional Eatos is the top meta, and theres not many who will argue with that fact.

Big monsters backed by protection via Starlight Road, Skill Drain and Macro Cosmos to defeat just about everything, the perfect Anti-Meta Beatdown deck.

Anti-Meta decks are built to fight the meta, to counter everything the meta throws at it.

But, at times, this anti-meta might become so powerful, it becomes the top meta itself.

Konami always culls the top meta deck with the banlist, but it seems hard to hit Dimensional Eatos without destroying all hope of all future anti-meta decks.

So, how do you go around stopping the unstoppable?

One way would be to increase the problem of Dimension Eatos's already present Monster problem, the fact that it doesnt have enough beatsticks, and theres no space for more.

So, wouldnt the un-banning of Crush Card Virus be a bigger problem?

It gets past Starlight Road, and demolishes Dimensional Eatos's beatsticks.

Wouldnt this result in the deck working much less, and thus, knocking it out of the top meta seat?

Just some food for thought.

Thats all for today.


January 16, 2010

Miraculous Afterglow - Guess Whoes Back.

Good day everyone.

Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Miraculous Afterglow.

Whilst being similar to Time Machine, Miraculous Afterglow proves superior due to its free-chain ability.

However, having to revive a monster that was destroyed by battle this turn proves problematic at times, limiting it to only be able to be activated on the opponent's battle, Main 2, and end phases.

So, what makes this card good?

Why should I include it in my deck?

The answer is recursion.

Note that Miraculous Afterglow special summons the monster from the graveyard, giving you all the benefits of being special summoned.

The first few cards that come to mind in this situation are Elemental Hero Airman, and the Gadgets.

Triggering their effects when special summoned, especially Airman, they make great targets for Miraculous Afterglow.

In the case of Airman, his relatively high ATK points will force the opponent to use cards such as Book of Moon or Shrink in order to take it down, which is perfect, because you simply have to revive it and search another Elemental Hero.

Recursion is not limited to cards which do something on summoning or special summoning.

Cards such as Gale and Cyber Dragon are used as beatsticks, and left for, most of the time, dead.

However, setting a Miraculous Afterglow behind Gale suddenly creates more than just another problem for the opponent.

After removing your gale by battle, the opponent synchro summons, lets say, Stardust Dragon, and ends his or her turn.

At this point, you open Miraculous Afterglow, bringing Gale back to kill said Stardust Dragon.

Suggested phrase to say while doing so:

Guess Whoes Back.

In the case of Cyber Dragon, most Machine Decks will aim to destroy Cyber Dragon, to Avoid Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Well, activating Miraculous Afterglow at their end phase will make that fear a reality.

Dont we all love 4000 ATK Chimeratech Fortress Dragons out of nowhere?

How about Raiou? Free-chaining Miraculous Afterglow targeting Raiou to, lets say, RoTA gives you advantage.

Its not only specific monster that can draw upon this.

Elemental Heroes in general benefit on the offensive with Skyscraper, but on the enemys turn, Skyscraper doesnt really help them.

Miraculous Afterglow can be abused even more with Elemental Heroes and Skyscraper.

Unexpected, Unpredictable, and Undervalued, Miraculous Afterglow is a affordable, effective, and threatening card to include in many decks.

After all, who doesnt love four Call of the Haunted?

Thats all for today.


January 15, 2010

Beating Battle Fader

Recently, Battle Fader has seen an increase in play, across the meta.

And why shouldnt it? Battle Fader has the power to end battle phases, from the hand and nothing else, giving you even more prevention from direct attacks.

Singlehandedly stopping OTKs, it is the reason why zombies are seeing a significant drop in play, and with them, to an extent, Lightsworn.

So how should we get around it?

How do we beat the monster which beats Zombies and Lightsworn on its own?

The answer lies within the card's effect type.

Battle Fader triggers in the hand, meaning to activate its effect, you have to reveal it to the opponent and put it as chain 1.

Now, at this time, if they can remove Battle Fader from the hand, Battle Fader wont be able to special summon itself from the hand, and hence, be unable to Fade battle.(OICWHATUDIDTHAR)

So, what cards do this?

Trap dustshoot, and Mind Crush can both do this. On top of working well together, great at tackling Dimensional Eatos in the former, and Lightsworn in the latter, both effectively can stop battle fader.

Another way to beat it is to stop it from being special summoned altogether.

While Battle Fader does start a chain in the hand, and thus cannot be stopped by Raiou, it only ends the battle phase on the field.

Thus, monsters like Vanity Fiend, Fossil Dyna, and other monsters who apply a blanket "No Special Summoning" all work effectively.

Finally, its stopping battle fader's "End Battle Phase" effect.

This end battle phase effect happens at the end of Battle Fader's special summoning effect.

Thus, cards like Skill Drain or Destiny Hero Bloo-D all work to give you your battle phase, at the cost of them special summoning one monster.

Note that Forbidden Chalice CANNOT negate the end battle phase effect, as Battle Fader is not on the field when it can be chained, and its already too late when its on the field.

On the note of negation, Light and Darkness Dragon cannot negate Battle Fader well.


LaDD does NOT destroy battle fader, and simply puts the problem off to the next turn.

However, note that Doomcaliber Knight does stop Battle Fader, as it starts a chain in the hand.

Thats all for today.


January 14, 2010

Konndo wa Ore no Ban! DRAW!

Its been a week since Rauzes quit blogging.

For the past year, The Gaijin Duelist was the near undisputed top English Yugioh blog in the world.

However, when he quit blogging, the blogger community was thrown into turmoil, with rather dark goodbye posts cropping up on almost every blog, and a similar top blog has yet to fill the spot, if it ever will.

Being at the top of his game, he inspired many people, myself included, to start blogging, so that one day our own blogs can be as good as his.

What many dont notice is that he left behind a legacy,

A standard for all Yugioh bloggers to strive for, and aim for,

and to one day, surpass.

As duelists, and bloggers, we all compete with each other, and, whilst enjoying it, ultimately strive to win.

The blogging community, the writers and readers both, are not sustained by one person, but by many.

The better individual bloggers become, the better the community becomes as well.

Thus, individual bloggers should all be aiming to be as good as, and to one day surpass, Rauzes's Legacy.

I, for one, will do so.

And so should you.

My aim for this blog is to equal or surpass that of Rauzes's blog.

I am G-Ray.

I am a Duelist.

and Rauzes, I challenge you.

Duel Start!

Konndo wa Ore no Ban! DRAW!