October 31, 2010

Double Cyclone with Miraculous Descent

Double Cyclone, targetting your own Miraculous Descent.

Miraculous Descent back Asmodeus

Spawn 2 Tokens, and Asmodeus is back in the graveyard.

Normal Summon Master Hyperion

Remove Asmodeus -> Destroy 1 card on the field.

Thats all for today.


October 29, 2010

"I can beat you blindfolded"

I have to post this here because I lost a bet >.>

When G-Ray says "I can beat you blindfolded", lets NOT TEMPT THE MASTER.

Just a side thought

"Karakuri Barrel mdl 96 Shinkuro"

In Japanese the name would end up being シンクロ

Just 1 ン away from Tuning abuse.

Lets hope they dont mess up the translating.

Thats all for today.


October 28, 2010

Montage Merchant

Montage Merchant

1 Gorz
1 Tragoedia
3 Magical Merchant
3 Herald of Creation
1 Grow Up Bulb
1 Spore
3 Machine Emperor Wizel Infinity
3 Super Nimble Mega Hamster
3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
3 Montage Dragon
3 Machiners Fortress
3 Machiners Force
3 Machiners Gearframe
3 Cyber Dragon

3 Cyber Eltanin

1 Cold Wave
1 Monster Reborn
1 Giant Trunade

Before bashing, try taking it for a spin.


Dont see it?

Machiners Fortress Spam and high attacks popping out from the hand?

Cyber Eltanin to clear the field? Then summoning of some Machiner Fortress?

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

October 26, 2010

Light GB

2 GB Raquel
1 GB Murmillo
1 GB Hoplomus
1 GB Beastiari
1 GB Darius
1 GB Equite
1 D.D. Warrior Lady
3 Raiou
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Honest
1 E. Hero Prisma

1 RoTA
3 Gladial Trainer
1 Monster Reborn
3 Book of Moon
1 Black Hole
2 Cyclone
3 Trap Stun
3 GB Chariot
2 Dimension Prison
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Divine Warning

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

Light X Dark Beat Strategizing

So I herd u liek Light n Dark beetz

Sorry for the lack of any explanation for the deck on that day. It was a long and tiring day.

Anyhow, now that I am supposedly free, here it goes

The deck functions off of two concepts:
Information Advantage
and Sideboard Advantage

Information advantage in that the deck can both pretend to be, in the early stages of the game, Light Beat or Blackwings.

It goes without saying that if you know you're running up against Blackwings, your first turn plays will be QUITE different from when you know you're up against Light Beat.

Also, sideboarded cards will be different too. If you beat game 1 with only Blackwings being seen, sided in Holy Lights will be, needless to say, very delicious to eat up with Raiou and Cyber Dragon.

This deck uses this to your advantage, banking off the fact that the opponent will probably misplay his or her first turn(as in: A misplay against your deck, but not against Blackwings/Light Beat).

Sideboard advantage.

Versatility also means that unless a card is efficient against BOTH Light Beat AND Blackwings (pretty much only Snowman Eater, Bottomless, Book), it wont be as effective as it needs to be in the matchup.
Note the Nobleman of Crossouts in the side board. Those will probally come in Game 2 to combat Snowman.

Sideboard advantage is also in your deck as well.
A good player should be able to figure out what the opponent will try to bring in from the side(for the most part), from how much information was shown in the first game/second game.
Hence, this can assist in what to side out(play down), and what to play up.

Although the side deck I chose to use is a lot less fluid and doesnt allow for much change in strategy, this is usually what this kind of deck chooses to play with.(IE: Make your own side deck that works for you.)

As for card choices:

Wizel Infinity tech over Dark Armed Dragon

Despite having two Blizzard, two Chaos Sorc, etc etc, the deck lacks the search power for Dark Armed Dragon(no Pot, No Sarcophagus), yet has problems of controlling the number of dark monsters in the graveyard, both ways, filling up and reducing the count.

As an alternative, Wizel Infinity.
In earlier drafts, I used to try three. That didn't work out so well.

Wizel is good. Wizel is big. Wizel is suprising. Wizel is very problematic to get rid of!
Wizel is also very hard to get out.

Whilst not too useful in some matchups, most decks run Mirror, Torrential, and Dark Hole.

Food for Starlight road, yes, but most of the time you wont be seeing more than one of your monsters out at a time.
This is where Wizel comes in.

Not to mention the sided second copy, in the event we run up against some 3 Smashing 3 Fissure decks.

Any other questions?
Spirit Reaper is Tech.

Thats all for today.


October 24, 2010

Valcannon in E Heroes.

You guys DO realize that E・Hero The Heat isnt a Warrior but is a Pyro, right?

Which allows E Hero decks that use Super Polymerization to access this guy too.

Not like you're goanna be bothering with Synchros anyhows, so whats 1 of these guys in the extra goanna hurt?

On a totally unrelated but equally awesome side not,

Nova Master can get its draw off of Tokens.

No, you CANNOT book of moon Tokens.

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

LightXDark Beat

Light X Dark Beat!


1 Gorz
1 Wisel Infinity
2 Chaos Sorcerer
2 Cyber Dragon
3 Raiou
2 Honest
3 BF - Kalut
3 BF - Shura
2 BF - Blizzard
1 BF - Gale
1 Spirit Reaper

1 Monster Reborn
1 Giant Trunade
3 Book of Moon

1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Trap Stun
1 Call of the Haunted
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Icarus Attack
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Dimension Prison
1 Starlight Road

Side 15
1 Wizel Infinity
2 Nobleman of Crossout
2 Prohibition
1 Enemy Controller
1 Crack to a Different Dimension
2 Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Trap Stun
1 Dust Tornado
1 Royal Opression
1 Malevolent Catastrophe

2 Stardust Dragon
1 Colossal Fighter
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Ancient Fairy Dragon
1 BF - Armor Master
1 BF - Arms Wing
1 Goyou Gaurdian
1 Brionac
2 AOJ Catastor
1 Magical Android
2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Anyone interested in a full out explanation as to how this works can ask. Ill explain tommorow if people want.

And for those curious, yes, you DO summon and use Lightning Warrior a lot here.

Thats all for today. Long and tiring day >.>


October 21, 2010

Cross Monarch

Cross Monarch

1 Gravekeepers Descendant
3 Gravekeepers Spy
3 Gaius the Dark Monarch
3 Raiza the Storm Monarch
2 Mebius the Frost Monarch
2 Lightsworn Hunter Ryko
1 Morphing Pot
2 Cyber Dragon
3 Snowman Eater
2 Junk Synchron
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Monster Reborn
3 Book of Moon
3 Soul Exchange
3 Enemy Controller
1 Dark Hole

3 Royal Decree
3 Trap Stun

Thats all for today.

/*Script End

October 20, 2010

Snowman Eater Reprint

Even more reason to main deck Nobleman of Extermination!

Its like they want to make Hero-Metabeat stronger every day!

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

October 18, 2010

Synchro Material

Synchro Material + Formula Synchron

Just make sure you play it right so you dont get screwed over by the rules of the game.

IE: You cannot use synchro Material and Formula Synchron's effect in the same chain(unless you have a monster other than Formula out)

If you only have a formula out, the opponent has priority to activate anything he/she wants before you can chain with Formula's effect eating the opponent's monster. This is AFTER Synchro Material Resolves.

Thats all for today.


October 17, 2010


My Computer/C/User Data/Rauzes/Documents/Decklists/Original

Size: 2.1MB In 219 Files
First Created: April 21 2008
Last Updated: October 17 2010

And I havent even written up the decklist for my deck this format on the computer.

For the comparison:
My Computer/C/User Data/Rauzes/Documents/Decklists/Net

Size: 40kB In 13 Files
First Created: October 22 2008
Last Updated: September 13 2010

Groups -> TAB -> File Sharing -> YGO Related Crap -> Decklists

Total Size: 57MB in 733 Files
First Created: September 2009 by Graveyard
Last Updated: October 17 2010 by MoscowMule
Last Uploaded File: Bird Samuraiz - October 16 2010 by Pina Colada

What about you?

Thats all for today.


Debris Control

Debris Beat

1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
2 Caius the Dark Monarch
2 Lonefire Blossom
1 Spirit Reaper
2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
3 Debris Dragon
2 Dandylion
1 Spore
2 Snowman Eater
1 Grow Up Bulb
2 D.D.Crow
1 Card Trooper
1 DUCKER Mobile Cannon

2 Pot of Avarice
2 Gold Sarcophagus
3 Pot of Duality
1 Cold Wave
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Foolish Burial

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted

Thats all for today.

/*Script End

October 16, 2010

Justice Bringer

In the OCG, you CANNOT negate the activation of Token Monster effects.

The Anime breaks the rules and promotes cheating yet again

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out

October 14, 2010

Flow of Events

Starlight Road becomes easy to attain -> Everyone uses Starlight Road. -> Smart People use cards that dont destroy more than 1 card at a time -> Beat Starlight Road Users -> Stupid people catch on -> Nobody uses cards that destroy more than 1 card anymore -> Starlight Road stops being used -> Smart people start spamming BRD.

Thats all for today.

October 9, 2010

Firestorm Beat

As a deck concept, utilizing Raiou, Volcanic Rocket, and Royal Firestorm Gaurds as beatsticks, allowing each of these cards to lead to advantage.

And filling the rest of the deck with easy removal cards.

Thats all for today.


October 6, 2010

Sided Wizels

For BF decks.

Slam into Snowman Eater? No problem! Summon Wizel!

Wizel's main weakness in actual gameplay is summoning it out. Once its out, chances are that it can surely cover for the lost advantage in both battle and spell negating ability.

Thats all for today.


October 5, 2010

Siding Extra deck cards

In Synchro heavy decks such as Quickdraw Dandy, Extra deck space and more importantly, variability, is crucial.

In such situations, sided Cyber Dragons arent enough to quite cut it, since you havent extra'd Fortress Dragon.

However, decks such as Quickdraw Dandy have limited side change potential, and hence their side decks tend to be sub par compared to other decks such as BF.

Are you willing to sacrifice card slots for Fortress in the side?

Thats all for today.

G-Ray Out.

October 4, 2010


Summon it with Illusion Summoner!

Use Creature Swap to send over Illusion Summoner!

Open Limiter Removal!


Thats all for today.

/*End Script

October 3, 2010


Rather than 3 Raizas, 1 Jinzou and 2 Raizas alongside 2 Vanity Fiend works suprisingly well.

However, against BF, Vanity Fiend kinda dies...

Thats all for today.