July 17, 2011



Hey everyone.

There comes an end to all great things, and unfortunately, Yugioh has to be one of them.

Yugioh has brought great things and great times for me, and it should for you too.

I've met many people and made many friends in both the casual and competitive scene, and I'm really glad I've been playing for the past 3.5 years.

I've thought about it for a while now, and I have decided to completely quit Yugioh, and with it, Yugioh blogging.

Personally, I feel that I'm growing a bit too old to be playing Yugioh, and have been toning down my thoughts about the game significantly...

As you might have also realized, my thoughts that go onto the blog have also gone down in quality and quantity.
And I dont like it either.

Looking back, I made some great posts and had great ideas and was pulling upon knowledge from across the world, and this is no more.

As to why exactly I'm quitting, its a mix of reasons.
Time taken up, losing my entire Saturdays, the toll its taking on studies, and a few others.

Obviously it wont be an easy process, and I'll probally relapse some time or another(lol its drugs), but I hope I'll make it out, and put Yugioh in the past, carrying with me the memories it gave me.

You might disagree, but I've decided its something I just gotta do.

I've already dismantled all but one of my decks, and am already planning on giving away most of my cards of value.

Yugioh is a great game.

It has great people, great concepts, great competitions, and a wonderful community.

Blogging has been a great experience over the past 2 and a half years, and I hope the blogging community continues to grow and expand.

By September, I'll have given off or sold off all of my Yugioh related things, keeping only my deck and playmat.(or maybe even giving those away)

So someday in the future, when you see somebody playing Absolute Zero with a custom Stratos Playmat, you'll know I'm back.

So I guess this is goodbye, everybody online. It's been a great run.
Its time to take Only the Duel off your bookmarks list.

Let us meet once again, someday.


Oh, and for those who were fooled for 1.5 years straight, Rauzes=G-Ray=Soliel.
I figured it would be fun to use a different name to post depending on my mood/concept of the post. I actually used different language and grammer for each one of these online personas.


  1. That IS sad. I hope that you would find the spark of YGO once again.


  2. I'll be waiting ^^ good luck with the quitting Yugioh rehab thing xD

    Maybe one day you'll be doing "game 2" with 8000 lp and a side deck ready haha

  3. With your retirement, this game will have lost one's of its greatest sages. You were the one that inspired me to start my own blog, and I strove to emulate your greatness Rauzes, and I mean that. ^_^

    I salute you for your services to the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, you will be missed.

  4. All the best in whatever you will be doing in the future and do cherish the memories that yugioh have given you.

  5. Whatttt, you're retiring too?

    With both you and Neuxcharge gone, I guess the torch is one step closer to being passed on to the next generation of bloggers (though Dueling Days and Dueling Legacy is still alive :P).

    It's unfortunate that you're leaving ygo, but I do wish you well in your future endeavours

  6. What? Man, I WAS fooled, especially since Soliel was terrible.

    (I jest. Godspeed, sir.)

  7. Thank you for everything you've done for the Yugioh community. You were one of the biggest people to inspire me to blog, and I share the same feelings as I slowly drift away from Yugioh. Good luck with everything in the future, where ever it takes you :)

  8. I'll miss you Rauzes like many other newer Yugioh Bloggers you were the reason I started my own blog. I hope you'll be able to quit once and for all and not fall back into the trap that is Yu-Gi-Oh!... Good luck with your future endeavors and to future Saturdays spent on things that actually matter.

  9. Before you leave can you impart whatever info about how playstyles, like the main deck and side-deck, can change and therefore be as important as building the deck itself -changing one's playstyle can afford the the duelist to play another playset of Neo-spacians + Convert Contact in a certain J&D deck...

  10. RAUZES Trousers????

    I can't believe it, I will miss you.

  11. man, I had quitted yugioh long ago. then, i got a DS and started playing around, but it got it's fun gone early, as i wasn't having any challenge or actual fun with the game. sure, i could beat the ''hard'' part of the game, wich was around playing 200hours to afford a crappy costume or whatever... then i stumbled upon gaijin duelist, and, man, i was back.
    since then i have followed you around, and you have many times made me think about the game.
    Actually right now i'm not even playing, as my deck has only the cheaper staples and my extra deck consists of rare versions of junk, nitro, drill, road warrior and a gaia knight...
    i think now i will drift away slowly from the game again. thankfully, i had found new hobbies, and i have less time for fun as study time is needed.

    I would like to salute you, and shake your hand personally, but i think saying YOU WERE THE BEST YUGIOH BLOGGER AND I'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR FAN shares about the same feeling.
    and yes, i know other talented bloggers, but i do think YOU were the best of all.

    Good luck moving on, and if you ever drift back to the game, i think i also will.

    P.S.: damn, you multi personal mind raper! i was tricked so hard over the soliel thing D:

  12. Good luck on your future endeavors, Rauzes.

  13. You inspired me to start blogging too, Rauzes, and I don't think I'm just speaking for myself when I'm saying that that inspiration is what you've left me with. Something I'll forever be thankful for.

    Good luck. You will be missed.

  14. All the very best to you,Rauzes.
    It's been a great run.